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Mintel launches 'Mintel Inspire' PDF Print E-mail
Written by MINTEL   
14 Jun 2007

Mintel launches 'Mintel Inspire' - the very latest in trend research

We have all been there - the boss announces a 'brainstorming session', where they want everyone to 'think outside the box' and the mere mention of these phrases leaves your mind totally blank. But fear not, help is now at hand. Today, Mintel International, a leading market research company, announces the launch of Mintel Inspire, the new interactive trends tool, which gives clients the information they need to develop innovative and market-driven ideas.

Mintel Inspire not only tracks emerging marketing, social and cultural trends, it also gives real life examples of them. But most importantly, Mintel Inspire identifies links between these trends and new markets, highlighting areas of potential, while also encouraging clients to come up with creative new ideas for business opportunities. And it is this feature that makes Mintel Inspire unique, differentiating it from any other trend-monitoring tool out there.

"Mintel Inspire goes beyond any other trend-monitoring tool available on the market. Trends come and go, but with Mintel Inspire, clients can identify those trends that will be most relevant for their business, as well as use the analysts' opinions to develop ideas that will set them apart from their competitors," says Director of Mintel Inspire, Paul Rickard.

"With Mintel Inspire, clients will not only be able to explore trends, but also discover new connections between trends and markets, which will help them identify new, innovative business opportunities," he adds.

Trends from Mintel Inspire

1. 'Hire, Hire': We have already seen the growing interest in hiring handbags, wedding dresses and jewellery instead of buying them, to create the right image, without breaking the bank. As part of this 'Hire, Hire' trend identified by Mintel Inspire, could we see furniture retailers hiring out furniture to stage set your home for important occasions, such as the boss coming round for dinner or the in-laws visiting at Christmas?

2. 'Infantilisation': We have seen the boundary between the lifestyles of kids and adults blur, with kids growing older younger and many adults regularly enjoying cartoons and video games. As part of this trend, could we see permanent playgrounds in airport business lounges for regular travellers? But rather than offering ball pools and climbing frames, they could offer Indian head massages and downloadable language courses for MP3 players.

3. 'Customise this!': We have all heard of customising your Nike trainers or Levis Jeans, but as part of the 'Customise This' trend, could we see online supermarkets allowing shoppers to customise their food before it is delivered - a little more chilli in the curry or more cheese on the pizza?

For more trends and information about Mintel Inspire, visit
About Mintel
Mintel is a worldwide leader of competitive media, product and consumer intelligence. For more than 35 years, Mintel has provided key insight into leading global trends. With offices in Chicago, London, Belfast and Sydney, Mintel's innovative product line provides unique data that has a direct impact on client success. For more information on Mintel, please visit their Web site at

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